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Festivals & Camping

One of the more complicated aspects of running Wild Oats & Notes is on-site camping.  Those shady nooks and hideaways don’t carve themselves out of the trees and keep themselves sapling-free, and those crops don’t recover well from RV traffic.  Without a ten foot chain link fence (topped with razor wire) around the site, we can’t guarantee security.  Without 24 hour Storm Trooper Beat Cops we can’t assure you your neighbours won’t be bellowing a rum-soaked “Onward Christian Soldiers” at 5 AM.

What we CAN do is try to minimize the number of vehicles in areas where tents and trailers are meant to be, while being mindful of leaving adequate space for emergency vehicles and late arrivals/early departures.  The following link shows how serious an issue parking and camping has become at The South Country Fair — they have some interesting policies more than likely triggered by those who don’t play well with others.

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