News Item

06 Jun 2014

Wait… There’s More!

For many, Wild Oats & Notes is a self-contained, camping sorta weekend, but if you don’t bring a cooler full of food, you shouldn’t go hungry. We’re pleased to have the Paradise Grill food truck on board this year, serving up all manner of Jamaican delights ( ), and Jo’s Kettle Corn will be helping fill gaps snack-wise. And of course, The General Store Cafe will be back, offering up a number of quick, hot & tasty items, as well as a full breakfast on both Saturday and Sunday mornings (8:00 AM till noon).

Also on Saturday morning (10:00 to 11:15 AM), Martha Affleck will be offering a free, gentle yoga class for all levels (excluding children — it’s an insurance thing). Martha has been attending Oats and Notes for the past decade, is a certified instructor, and is looking forward to sharing Yoga Basics. (You haven’t lived till you’ve slapped a mosquito in mid Downward Dog).

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