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Q) Where is the festival located?

The festival is located 1 mile west of the Bardo grain elevator. Or… 1 mile west of Tofield, AB, on Highway 14, and south 5 miles (8km’s) on Range Road 193. Schultz farm is on the east side of the road. For a map, click here.

Q) How much are tickets for this year’s festival?

Click here for info on this year’s festival pricing!

Q) Is my ticket refundable if I decide not to go to the festival?

No, but they make wonderful gifts.

Q) Can I share a weekend pass with a friend?

Nope. We use a wristband system. If you can’t attend the entire weekend, single day passes are available.

Q) What should I bring?

We like to think of ourselves as a “ruggedly comfortable festival.” Many people treat it like a camping weekend (which it is!). Make sure to bring…

  • warm clothes (evenings can be cool.)
  • rain gear (it’s the only way to ensure the rain will stay away.)
  • mosquito repellent (they’ve been known to make an appearance.)
  • A folding chair – standard sizes are perfect.
  • A refillable water bottle.

Q) Can I bring my dog?


Q) Can I bring my kids?

Yes, admission for kids 12 and under is free.

Q) Is the festival licensed to sell alcohol?

No, but it’s on private property, so bring what you need. And some for all your new friends.

Q) Will drinking water and ice be available?

Yes. We’ll have a giant tank of FREE potable water available all weekend.  The environmental impact of single plastic bottle waste is staggering, and did we mention our water is FREE? so make sure to bring along a refillable water container!

And, yes, Ice will be available to purchase from the General Store.

Q) What is available at the General Store?

The General Store carries festival merchandise (hats, shirts, novelties), ice, plus music and merchandise for the performers at this year’s fest.

Q) When is the General Store open?

The General Store is open:

  • Fri: 5 PM – 10 PM
  • Sat: 11 AM – 10 PM
  • Sun: 11 AM – 10 PM
  • Mon: 10 AM – 12 PM

Q) Should I bring cash?

We will be accepting credit cards at our General Store and at the Gate. However it’s good to note that we do not have an ATM on site, and we can’t guarantee that other vendors will accept credit. Long story short, not a bad idea to have some cash with you just in case.

Q) When should I arrive?

Pay attention to posted times on the Schedule Page. If you arrive 5 hours early of the posted advance camping time, you’ll be parked on a gravel road for 5 hours, getting a layer of dust on your windshield. We’ll be manning a gate at the road, and early arrivals will have to wait. Advance camping for Volunteers means just that. This is private property, and unless you’re a volunteer you’ll have to wait until the scheduled opening.

Q) I love your festival, how can I help?

If you’re not in a position to donate $$ or be a sponsor, you can always volunteer! Just get in touch with our Volunteer Coordinator!


Q) Do you have showers?

Yes. For many, they’re a highlight of the weekend. “Rustic” is an understatement.

Q) What kind of camping is available at the festival?

If you can sleep in it, bring it. Now having said that… we’d appreciate it if guests not bring  massive RV’s – they limit the amount of people that can reasonably camp at the fest and can be difficult to work around.

Q) Do you have hook-ups for RV’s

No. And generators are frowned upon. Please be a good neighbour.

Q) Can we book camping spots in advance?

Camping, as in past years, is on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Q) Can I camp for just one night?

Yes. It’s $25 for a single night, payable at the gate.

Q) Can I come and go as I like? 

Yes and no. It’s good to keep in mind that Cars, Trucks, and RV’s pass near the stage and main seating area en route to camping sites. So we appreciate it if vehicles remained parked while inside the festival grounds. There are spaces to park a vehicle just outside the main gates where you can go into town as needed and not disrupt the fest.


Q) What is security like at the festival? I just bought a fancy new speaker system and I’m concerned it may grow legs.

We do hire security people to ensure the safety of our guests. They’ll patrol the camping areas each evening till the wee hours, mainly looking to nip drunken, obnoxious revelry in the bud, and to make sure people don’t blast their fancy new speaker systems and bother their neighbours.

We would hope everyone will police themselves, but that doesn’t always work, so… complaints regarding noise and/or behaviour will be treated on a two-strike basis — first strike is a warning, second strike results in being escorted from the grounds by security, or if necessary, the local RCMP.

Q) What about my fancy new speakers?

Leave them at home and bring a guitar (acoustic, please). When there’s no music onstage there’s usually jam opportunities throughout our little weekend village. Again, please be a good neighbour.

Q) Can we build a fire?

That depends on the weather leading up to (and during) the festival. We’ll let you know at the gate.