The schedule for the 2022 Festival is now live!

Thursday, June 30

7:00pm Big River Band
8:30pm Kaeley Jade
9:00pm Amy Bishop
10:30pm Leo Martinez
11:00pm Raygun Cowboys

Friday, July 1

1:00pm BB and the Backsliders
2:30pm Leigh Friesen
3:00pm Eva Kabande
4:30pm Misery Mountain Trio
5:00pm Shaela Miller
6:30pm Danielle Dayton
7:00pm Maddie Storvold
8:30pm Abby Kropielnicki
9:00pm Scenic Route to Alaska
10:30pm Shady Mavis
11:00pm Peter and the Wolves

Saturday, July 2

1:00pm John Hewitt
2:30pm Penny and Jim Malmberg
3:00pm Dave Babcock and the Night Keepers
4:30pm Picture the Ocean
5:00pm The Hearts
6:30pm Benjamin Williams
7:00pm Mariel Buckley
8:30pm Eva Kabande
9:00pm Bill Durst
10:30pm David Jay
11:00pm Cousin Harley