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23 Jun 2016

Bring Cash!

Even if you’re not from B.C., be prepared — Wild Oats & Notes is a cash only festival.  Anyone who has attended the festival can attest to the fact cell phone service is dodgy and inconsistent throughout the site, so we’ve decided to remain Cash Only and minimize frustration levels for patrons and volunteers alike.

If you find yourself spending more than you planned (which can easily happen once you see our awesome food and merch options) there are ATM’s in Tofield, about a ten minute drive away.

30 May 2016

Tin, Toad, and the Benefits of Volunteering

Anyone who’s a fan of Tin & the Toad will not only love seeing the duo perform their Tweener set on Saturday evening, they’ll be ecstatic to hear the full band (and special guests?) will be cranking out tunes for the volunteer party Sunday afternoon.  Volunteer, and you can enjoy the T&T experience while eating and drinking for free!  Hot Damn!

Site prep is already underway, contact Jeanne Kallal for ideas on how to help!

19 Mar 2016

More Ticket Options! And FAQ’s!!

If online ticketing is not your thing, tickets are now available at Earth’s General Store in Edmonton (9605 – 82nd Ave., 780.439.8725) and at Ravenhill Agencies in Tofield (5109 – 50th Street, 780.662.0330). Phone ahead to confirm tickets are in stock.

Also, have a look at the new FAQ page on our website.  We may have the answers to questions you never knew you had!

17 Feb 2016

More Artists Confirmed for 2016!

A lot of quality music coming our way:

Twin Peaks —

David James and Big River —

Mayhemingways —

Scott Cook and the Long Weekends —

Ridley Bent —

The Weber Brothers —

And still more to come!

Tickets available online now at

Early bird pricing available for a limited time.