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09 Jan 2016

Game On! (almost)

Yes, 2016 is an “ON” year for the fest, and we’ll have a shiny new website up and running before long, with ticket info, performers, etc.

For now, please mark your calendars for June 30th thru July 2nd — Evening performances only on Thursday the 30th, with full days on Friday and Saturday (July 1st & 2nd).  If you’re a volunteer, please note the Volunteer Party will be Sunday afternoon (July 3rd) with more live entertainment.  Non-volunteers are welcome to hang in the extra day, but can’t muscle in on the freebies.

25 Apr 2015

See You In 2016!

Just a reminder that this is an off year for the festival, but we’ll see you all in 2016!

01 Nov 2014

Slideback at the Tofield Hotel

Hey all, Bill Sylvester has tipped us off to a good opportunity to support Oats & Notes-style live music in the Tofield area. At the Tofield hotel on Fri. Nov. 7th, members of BB and the Backsliders (Bill Sylvester on drums, Bob Walker on bass and Dan McDonald on sax) will be joining Rob Maginnis and Chris Dunn on guitar and vocals. Together they’re known as Slideback, and it should make for a solid dance party.

06 Jun 2014

Wait… There’s More!

For many, Wild Oats & Notes is a self-contained, camping sorta weekend, but if you don’t bring a cooler full of food, you shouldn’t go hungry. We’re pleased to have the Paradise Grill food truck on board this year, serving up all manner of Jamaican delights ( ), and Jo’s Kettle Corn will be helping fill gaps snack-wise. And of course, The General Store Cafe will be back, offering up a number of quick, hot & tasty items, as well as a full breakfast on both Saturday and Sunday mornings (8:00 AM till noon).

Also on Saturday morning (10:00 to 11:15 AM), Martha Affleck will be offering a free, gentle yoga class for all levels (excluding children — it’s an insurance thing). Martha has been attending Oats and Notes for the past decade, is a certified instructor, and is looking forward to sharing Yoga Basics. (You haven’t lived till you’ve slapped a mosquito in mid Downward Dog).