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19 Mar 2020

Covid-19 Update

Howdy Folks! 

We wanted to update everyone on how Covid-19 has affected our festival and how we’re looking to proceed! 

The Wild Oats and Notes team has been engaged in Covid-19 talks throughout this past week and we’ve been monitoring the situation. The situation is changing at a pretty rapid pace – so we’re focused on responding to the situation as it is now. 

The Festival has NOT been canceled. We can’t predict how things will look over the next few days or weeks, but as of right now we’re hoping that we’ll be able to proceed. 

If you have already purchased tickets to the festival – worry not. In the event that the festival is cancelled due to Covid-19 we will be issuing refunds. 

Patrons who have bought tickets will have the option to donate part or all of their refund to our School Music Program. The program is one of the shining lights of the Festival and we’d love to continue funding it for future generations of young musicians. However, these donations are optional, not required.  

We’re going to keep watching the situation unfold and continue to make the most informed decisions possible. We’re also going to continue to look out for the health and safety of our guests, our artists, and our volunteers.

Stay tuned for updates, keep those paws washed, and stay indoors when and if ya can.


Wild Oats and Notes

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